Mars and Saturn Conjuction

I have to admit that Mars and Saturn conjuction hits me different. I don't want to do anything. Just laying down on the carpet and nothing. But I have to do so many things. My homework,experiments even cell culture is waiting for me to change and replace them. I have to do so many things... Continue Reading →

Mercury in Cazimi

Ancient astrologers defined that cazimi terms as heart of sun. When planet conjucted with sun lesser than 30 mins that indicates cazimi aspect or situation is occurred. What is that mean in our life? Mercury begins to act like heir to the sun. If you want to achieve something permanent in your life, be it... Continue Reading →

Pole Shifts, Magnetic Excursion Events, and Astrology


The Astrology Junkie

Astrology in whatever system is all about perspective. The ancients have always watched the skies, followed the planets, and interpreted planetary alignments from the Earth’s point of view to predict mundane and personal events. While astrological systems share similarities, I have always wondered why and how they got so diverse. Geography and culture aside, another reason for this variability, I suspect, is the possibility of the ancients considering pole shifts and magnetic excursions.

A Look into Magnetic Excursion and Pole Shift Events

Magnetic excursions happen when there is a significant change in the Earth’s magnetic field. It is a dramatic but short-lived (could last for thousands of years) change in the pole’s orientation by up to 45 degrees. Pole shift events show massive changes in the magnetic field where the magnetic north and south interchange and the geographic reversals are permanent. There are multiple theories on why excursions and pole…

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