There are several fixed stars on Gemini degrees. Most of them related with discoveries like places and ideas except th Orion consteallation is highly important due to its manic behaviour.

Apart from these Jupiter couldnt show good results on Gemini’s fixed stars except Aldebaran, Capella and Betelguese according to these fixed stars have special indications which is very significant.

Here is the fixed stars on Gemini degrees.

Mirfak2° Gem 13Jupiter/ Saturnα (Alpha) Persei
F5 (white) Mg.1.9
Brave, adventurous, active, loves adventure, likes to struggle, strong and never giving up, meteorological events that interest the masses
Hyades *
Prima Hyadum
5° Gem 53Saturn/ Mercury One of the seven stars on the Taurus Cluster stars.γ (Gamma) Tauri
G9 (yellow) Mg.3.9
Scandals, women’s rights, violence, being arrested, sisters who bring rain, crying, half-brother is one of the stars of the Ülker constellation.
Aldebaran *
Watcher of the East
† Behenian Star
9° Gem 55  Marsα (Alpha) Tauri
K5 (pale rose) Mg.0.85 var.
It is the royal star of Persia. Integrity brings worldwide success in business and literature. He is a star of acting, business, literature. As with all royal stars, it also has the effect of poisoning the person due to the abuse of power.
Tabit12° Gem 03
Jupiter/ Saturn  
π3 (Pi3) Orionis
F5 (yellowish) Mg.3.3
It is one of the stars of Orion’s shield made of lion skin, it is the star of self-confidence, can have a tendency to violence, have a strong structure, be successful in trade
Cursa15° Gem 25Saturn
β (Beta) Eridani
A3 (white) Mg.2.9
Emotional fluctuations, sudden changes, radical decisions, fondness for knowledge, dealing with different fields, negative events that disrupt the rhythm of life
Rigel *
Orion’s foot
16° Gem 58  Jupiter/ Mars  β (Beta) Orionis
B8 (blue-white) Mg.0.12
Education and training, success in all kinds of literary subjects, recognition in fields such as cinema acting, writing, a very fast and non-stop mind person may be a substance addict or an alcohol addict in order to silence his mind. Therefore, it is recommended to develop himself in meditation, dexterity, writing skills, songwriting, being the author of songs and poems that will be known for centuries
Hoedus I

18° Gem 46
Mars/ Merkür  
ζ (Zeta) Aurigae
KB (orange) Mg.3.8 var
As you rise for both Hoedus I and II: self-confidence, dignity; happiness, but big ups and downs. Adroit mind, civil service, magistrate, judge. Village life, education of young people; unstable love; storms at sea
Hoedus II

19° Gem 35
Mars/ Mercury  
η (Eta) Aurigae
B3 (bluish) Mg.3.3
Bellatrix *
Orion’s left shoulder
21° Gem 36
Mars/ Mercury  
γ (Gamma) Orionis
B2 (pale yellow) Mg.1.7
Being a warrior like Amazon women, being in an aggressive mood would actually be the right definition if we say to have a lebanese material character, to wage war with the people around them, to want to be single, to be away from the thought of having a child, to be free, to have injuries in the left shoulder, to violent events. but in a more scandalous way
† Behenian Star
21° Gem 59Mars/ Mercuryα (Alpha) Aurigæ
CG (white) Mg.0.08
Curiosity, a hunger for learning, having strong and status friends, Capella is the guardian star of Babylon, giving abundance and fertility. It is the star of abundance and fertility.
Phact22° Gem 24Venus/ Mercury/ Uranusα (Alpha) Columbæ
B8 (bluish-white) Mg.2.8
It is a fixed star that gives talent in scientific or artistic subjects, it is an explorer star, it can give a lot of travel, especially overseas travel, it also gives an investigative mindset.

22° Gem 32  Saturn/ Mercury/ Jupiterδ (Delta) Orionis
O9 (bright white) Mg.2.5
High position, hardworking, sharp mind, good memory. Good luck depending on the associated planets. The double star, the westernmost star in Orion’s belt, is the first ascendant.
El Nath22° Gem 34Marsβ (Beta) Tauri
B7 (bluish-white) Mg.1.8
Luck, good fortune, ability to use powerful weapons in combat situations
Alnilam *

23° Gem 36  
Jupiter/ Saturn  
ε (Epsilon) Orionis
B0 (white) Mg.1.8
Scandal, fame, straw-flame anger, the stars on Orion’s belt are in the middle.

24° Gem 49  
Jupiter/ Saturn  
ζ (Zeta) Orionis
B0 (bluish) Mg.1.74
It actually consists of three stars, so it can indicate crowded cousin-sibling statuses, has traits such as quick fame, notoriety, dexterity
Al Hecka *  24° Gem 50  Marsζ (Zeta) Tauri
B2 (bluish-white) Mg.3.0
Greed, aggression, swings, dignified living, long distance relationship, power, recognition
Polaris *
Pole Star
† Behenian Star
28° Gem 42  
Saturn/ Venus  
α (Alpha) Ursa Minoris
F8 (pale yellow) Mg.2.1
Guiding, predicting the future, losses
Betelgeuse *
Orion’s right shoulder
28° Gem 5Mars/ Mercury  α (Alpha) Orionis
M2 (reddish orange) Mg.0.50 var.
Unstoppable success, fame, glory
Menkalinan00° Can 03Mars/ Mercury/ Venus  β (Beta) Aurigæ
A2 (bright yellow) Mg.1.9 var
Earthquakes, destruction, pleasure, addiction, love of nature

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