Mercury in Cazimi

Ancient astrologers defined that cazimi terms as heart of sun. When planet conjucted with sun lesser than 30 mins that indicates cazimi aspect or situation is occurred.

What is that mean in our life?

Mercury begins to act like heir to the sun. If you want to achieve something permanent in your life, be it a job or a relationship, you can use this time as a start. Another meaning is that mercury is replacing the sun at those times, but this is already equal in the sense that it will act as its heir. In this case, what happens if Mercury becomes the sun, the main agenda of our lives will be communication, siblings, close environment relations, and our life order, albeit momentarily. As you elect, you can use this time to start organizing your life.

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The fun part of the job will be to write down your wishes. Who knows, maybe you would like to pray too, I don’t think anyone would want to prevent that.

Happy manifesting !

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