Mars and Saturn Conjuction

I have to admit that Mars and Saturn conjuction hits me different. I don’t want to do anything. Just laying down on the carpet and nothing. But I have to do so many things. My homework,experiments even cell culture is waiting for me to change and replace them. I have to do so many things but I don’t want to.

Maybe this conjunction role is reminding ourselves what is our responsibilities. What kind of responsibilities define us. In general what is our responsibility to this world? or other people? or ourselves? or loved ones?

I barely wake up this morning drunk two cup of coffee and just started to delete some accounts from my social accounts. I dont even talk them almost 3 months/ who are they/ do I know them/ they know me/ what is role of them in my life/ I have lots of question about others.

Maybe this conjunction should remind us our social circle who should involve in or who shouldn’t. I realize that I have limited circle basic old friend old habits. I don’t have energy for others. Other’s toxic opinions. What is our social circles? who involved in? do they know that they in our circles? are they our closeness? do we have same purpose with them? do we have similar backgrounds? do we have same perspective with them?

After this morning I have started to write down my astro transit diary I was planning to do that long time ago but the right time has already came.

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